Branded Coasters

Get your name out there !  What better time to advertise your business than when people are relaxed and chatting. Coasters have been around for years, but the trick is to make them work hard for you. Both these options get your name out in a subtle Clever way.

Deluxe Coaster Sets

As a settlement gift for great clients, let them know they are appreciated and leave a visual reminder for next time they need your services. These coasters are attractive and will last for many years, your name is clear enough so it can be seen but yet subtle enough so the coasters will be used everyday. Full colour printed aluminium top, with a cork backing. Get them into peoples homes so they hang around much longer. These Deluxe Coasters are the perfect combination of style and advertising.

Cardboard Coasters

Cheap and easy to drop around at clubs and pubs. Clubs with gladly take your coaster and leave them on their tables. A cheap way to be noticed in your area. Particularly good value in the local pub or club to your office. Coasters build brand recognition.